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Sunday, October 3, 2010

And we're off

I can hardly believe that the trip has already begun.

I can hardly believe how tired I am.. The hours were long (from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM), but with an extremely low mileage (285 KMs)

For tonight I'm in Windsor staying with an old friend University. When I got to town, I was to send a text and await further instructions. I was directed to the corner of Riverside and Glengarry. Turns out, that the Casino... :)

Before I left I enabled the SPOT messenger, so you can follow my progress on a map here

We had a nice little send off at the building this afternoon. I left with an escort from 3 other riders, Charles, Ben and Case. Charles and Ben rode down from Ajax to be a part of the send off. They rode with me until Burlington. Case lives in my building, but couldn't stay long with us. He peeled himeself out of the pack while we were still in Toronto.

Between the biker escort and having Dian film the whole send-off on her camera ... I fell like I'm starring in my own little reality show ...

I didn't take an photos today, but *may* have some video worth posting. I feel a little silly because in all the commotion of actually loading all the gear onto 'becca, I forgot to actually turn on my head-mounted Contour HD video camera. I flicked the switch to Record, but you've got to have the device powered on in the first place .. Doh!!

I rode through some lovely twisties in the Russell Woods / Lakeshore area along the coast of Lake St. Clair, before Highway 2 comes south to meet the 401.

The day ended with a peaceful ride into Windsor. They have such a simple, and beautiful waterfront.
Thecla and Rebecca

My first hostess for the trip was a friend Thecla from my days at the University of Windsor
A road warrior's desk and essentials


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  1. Wow. Always wanted to be able to take a bike apart and reassemble it like the Fonz did. Guess I've got an inside track on a tutor now. :) Breathe through uncertainty and remember that you are guided at all times. See you in a few weeks Man! - Wayne