SPOT Messenger Map

Packing List

This is how I'm packed for my current trip. I'm heading from Toronto, Canada to Toco, Trinidad and think I'll take the slow road ~ about 3 months.

Left Pannier:
- extra tools (socket set 8, 10, 11, 12, 17, 22, 27 mm), wrench, zip ties
- voltmeter
- extra fuses, electrical tape
- TEVA sandals
- heated gloves, warm weather full leather gloves, mesh summer gloves (rotated based on weather)

Above left pannier:
** 2-person tent, and ground sheet

Bottle holder between left pannier and rack frame
- bottle of camping stove fuel (currently white gas)

Right Pannier:
- computer inside a briefcase
** multi-fuel, single burner camping stove
** 5" iron skillet
** pantry
** BBQ lighter
** folding stool

Top Box:
- first aid kit
- toiletries kit
- cable lock (for jacket)
- chain lube, brake fluid
- Frog Toggs 2-piece rain suit
- H-D rain gaiter/booties

Yellow Dry Bag:
- clothes (grouped into 7 zip-lock freezer bags) all inside a compression sack
- hostel sheet
**  sleeping bag

** Thermarest
** tent poles and pegs

* jacket liner
* 3rd pair of pants
* fleece hoodie sweater

Strapped above dry bag
* second helmet

Tank Bag:
- 12VDC -> 110 AC inverter
- charger for headset (well SPACE for it -- I left it at home -- getting it shipped to meet me in the ATL)
- cables for iPhone, digital camera
- digital camera
- paper maps
- cables for electric gloves and vest

Tool tube (red)
- standard bike tools
- vise grips
- adjustable wrench

Original toolbox loction
- red and blue Loctite
- JB Weld
- Krazy Glue
- duct tape

On me:
- heated vest
- Camelback hydration system
- SPOT GPS (in a bad get-off, better it on me than on the bike)
* neon safety vest


* Items mailed back home from Atlanta.
** Items mailed back home from Los Angeles.