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Sunday, April 25, 2010

May 24 Ride?

We're considering headed down to Albany to visit some family. This would be our first multi-day trip on the 'becca. The northern route will have to come a little later in the season to allow for scheduling a meeting in Babcaygeon.

Proposed route:

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A warm up ride

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Cager for the day

I needed to get out to A Vicious Cycle today to pick up some bike parts, but not having changed my rear tire yet, or fixed the left turn signal (broken during the recent install of the Trax luggage), I didn't want to take my bike all the ay to Kitchener.
So, I became a cager for the day, borrowing my sister's ride.

Eric, the owner took the day off, but luckily for me Teri was on hand to hep me with some advice on Barkbusters. In the end I left with only my Eagle Mike fork brace, a lockset for the Trax, and some other smaller parts I had ordered during the week.

A quick trip down t Dual Sport Plus in Stoney Creek got me the Barkbusters and a kickstand plate.

Coming back to D's afterwards, I got help from her 2 little nephew to install of the farkle.

I was trying to notice any major differences between riding and driving in traffic.
As near as I can tell, traffic sucks equally for everyone.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I want a portion of this blog to cover the preparation for the trip, as I've found it quite challenging at times to sort and sift through all the info on the 'net to get to the really good/useful pieces of advice.

I have so many questions swimming about in my head -- carnets, bike and medical insurances, working from the road, scorpion bites! The list seems endless from here ...

So to start -- right now I'm still in the process of farkeling the bike. In the past month I've added:
crash bars
heated vest controller
tool tube
top box
HID headlights
LED taillight
new windscreen

I'm sure this list will continue to grow :)

Today, I took public transit out to buy some luggage from Dual Sport Plus down in Stoney Creek. That was a good 2 hours of travel just getting there.

But what a lovely shop they have! It's almost a truism that motorcycle riders are a friendly bunch, and the shop owners, Les and Catherine are really wonderful. Because I had to carry the big boxes on the bus, they offered to give me a ride to the train station.

Catherine and I got to chatting on the ride back about KLRs and long trips. She confided that she shared my reluctance to take my KLR on the highways, but that the fork brace I have on order will make a huge improvement to the stability of the bike once installed.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello All,
Glad you could join us on our little adventure. I'll get to the formal introductions a little later, but for now, I'll be your guide while we get ready for our next grand adventure -- riding a motorcycle from Toronto, Canada to Toco, Trinidad.

You may be doubting your recall of world geography right now, but you're right -- there is the small matter of how to ride a bike onto an island. Never fear -- we have a solution.

This is going to be one looooong adventure, so sit tight, subscribe to that RSS feed below? and you'll be updated when we next have some news to report as we go through the planning stage.